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Filling Line MP300


Industry: Snack, Vegetable, Meat


Line for filling liquid or powder in bottle. Capping and labeling. . This machine is suitable to filliong liquid product or powder and apply pre-threaded capsule on the plastic bottles at the maximun speed of 2500/3000 BPH. The caps feeder is mounted baside the machine.Caps will have the same orientation. All the parts mounted on the base which could come in contact with the product are made of Stainless Steel AISI 304. Capping head with gripper and spring adjustable. PICK & PLACE device to transfer the caps from the chute to the capping heads. Capping turret manual height adjustment with numeric digit service. Containers conveyor length: 2000 mm without motorization.Container caps standard for 40 Lt. DOSING UNIT FOR LIQUIDS (Stainless steel construction).

Consisting of:
- Filling group through valves with non-dripping closure.
- Dosing control unit, consisting of:
a) Motorized conveyor belt, provided with stop for centring the bottles.
b) Control box equipped with CPU microprocessor provided with the following applications:
1.- Key in data by touch screen.
2.- Two output signals "coarse and fine".
c) Ball valve driven pneumatically and with progressive closing to allow two filling speeds.
d) Dosing safety devices consisting of:
1- Bottles detection photocell.
2- Detecting bottle which assures the correct position of the inlet and that the filling nozzle "has entered" through the hole.
The labeling machine is ideal for applying narrow labels to a cylindrical or irregular surface. It can also be used for optical spotting for handles, tabs, cartouches, etc.
It features an SIEMENS or OMRON programmable controller for product controls, a clean compact design, pneumatics by PHD and FESTO, and a variety of optical sensing options.

Electric system in accordance with 2006/42/CE standard


Capping bottle .


2500/3000 BPH


2000 M/M 2900 M/M 10000 M/M 1900 KG 8 KW
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